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[IP] dialysis options

>Another hemodialysis question.  Are you extremely tired after dialysis.  My
>doctors have been trying to tell me that dialyzing at night every night is
>much easier on the system.  But, with the specter of peritonitis looming as
>a potentiality, I'm not sure if even that would be worthwhile!
 HD is very tiring, PD less so. If you have a reliable person to run you at
night that is a good time. Renal failure is very energy draining. With a
good sterile technique and careful gloving, it is not as much a problem of
peritonitis. It's a routine. My lab tech is on PD and has a long catheter
coming out of her tummy. she has a steady boyfriend who met her after the pd
catheter was inserted. When she was in college she  was afraid no one would
want her because she was diabetic, after she graduated, she could not keep
the guys away.
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