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[IP] Family suppport (was digest)

If you are on the pump, why does it matter what time you eat?


Ivy Randel wrote:

>Re: Family support
>Until my mother died she was my support as she lived with me after my father died and she was great.  She even went through training with me.
>Now I love alone [with my 3 cats] and have no family support.  My brother, sister-in-law and 2 neices are CNA's and have no idea of diabetes, for example - I will be invited up to eat at 4PM and i plan my day for that but dinner is not serves to 6 or later and when I get there at 4 he is just starting dinner.  I tried talking to them and it seemed to fall on deaf ears.  My sister in law refuses to allow the younger neices and nephews to allow me to test and before I was on the pump would not allow them to see me give myself the shots.  I had no problem with letting them watch as it is educational I think for them to understand.
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