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Re: [IP] New pump

We just went on a Paradigm on Thursday.  It's a pretty nifty little pump.  It comes with a video that explains how to use it.  Once we watched it, we saw how easy it is to use.  I think MimiMed has CDE's that can get you up and running with it. You made a good purchase, we are thrilled with ours so far...all 4+ days of it anyway. 
Susan, Mom to Madeline 7, dx'd 7/23/99, pumpimg 12/19/02 Paradigm

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>I finally caved into the Minimed pressure. They were VERY intense. I got
>a call from
>another sales rep late friday, he would not let me get off the phone
>until I said yes. Oh
>well. I will give it a try and see how everything goes. I bought a
>Paradigm. I will
>recieve it tomorrow. I am not sure what to do next. I know I will have
>the read the
>manual etc. No one really told me what to do about dosing etc. Michael
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