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[IP] Re: Waterproof or Tight

According to Readers Digest Illustrated Dictionary, page 1853: Waterproof:
1) Impenetrable to or unaffected by water. 2) Made of or treated with
rubber, plastic or a sealing agent to resist water penetration.

Page 1854: Watertight: 1) So assembled or constructed that water cannot
enter or escape; waterproof. 2) Having no flaws or loopholes; incapable of
being faulted or misconstrued.

Thought you'd like to have a reference for "tight" vs "proof."

According to this dictionary, tight means proof plus some.


> >Fact - my pump is water proof - and that is an amazingly useful feature
> Can you give us a reference where you have seen, in writing, that your
> is water proof and not just water tight.
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