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Re: [IP] Re: flying with pump

> They only pat you down when the wand detects something during the wanding
> process.

And from my experience at the dam I know this will happen because of my leg,
not my pump.  I am not as worried about my pump / supplies as my leg with
the metal in it.  I know I will go off with little doubt that I won't.  Even
my doctor has told me I will go off because of the metal.  I am not
concerned about being wanded, I just don't want to patted.  I just don't
know how I will react but I don't think it will be good.

After talking with a friend last night, I think I will call some of the
major airports and see what they say.  If I need to get the metal out I will
if that is what will protect me from being patted down.  I had planned a few
trips last year that I was unable to go due to my accident / injuries and I
still want to do this trips but I am scared spitless of being patted down.

> I think it helps when before you go through the metal detector to indicate
> that you are wearing an insulin pump. The security guards seem to just
> acknowledge the fact and let you conitnue on.

Hmm, maybe I will just tell them that my left leg from the knee down has
metal in it.

> Good Luck with your travels.

Thank you,
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