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Re: [IP] Re: flying with pump

They only pat you down when the wand detects something during the wanding 
process. If they find nothing, they do not touch you. It appears to me from 
the wasy that they perfrom the wanding that they also do not want to touch 
you if there is no reason to. 

I travel all over the country specifically to the most sensitve airports in 
NYC and Washington DC and this has been my experience.

Since all of this extra security has been in place, I have not been asked for 
any "proof" of diabetes, a justification as to why I am carrying all my 
diabetic supplies or when my Paradigm pump sets off the metal detector off, 
been subsequently wanded have ever been patted down. 

I think it helps when before you go through the metal detector to indicate 
that you are wearing an insulin pump. The security guards seem to just 
acknowledge the fact and let you conitnue on.

I believe that this is generally the case although there may be some 
exceptions, individuals, etc. that like to play up their position. I have not 
yet had one of these types but I'm sure they are out there.

Good Luck with your travels.

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