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[IP] E21 Error Paradigm

Sunday afternoon I was out on a walk with my boys in the woods of Maine,
when a Low Battery alarm sounded, cleared that then received a second
alarm, looked down and saw the dreaded E21 alarm, reprogram pump. This is
the second time I had the error since October, so I sat down replaced the
battery, reprogrammed and finished the walk. After I got home, called
MiniMed and spoke with a CSR to inform them that this had happened and that
I reprogrammed the pump and all was OK. The CSR said they would be sending
a new pump to me for a Tuesday arrival with the upgraded software. The
concern I expressed to the CSR was that the low battery alarm only gave me
about fifteen minutes to change the battery before total shut down.
Thankfully this didn't happen at night when I was sleeping. Good thing is
no hassle this time on a pump replacement. Thanks MiniMed.

Michael Chambers
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