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Re: [IP] Re: flying with pump

> I know I should probably keep my mouth shut, but I CHOOSE NOT too anymore.
> I have received a few private emails on this topic to the point what's the
> big deal.  Well since I always say that I am not ashamed of anything.
> all of you who dare pass judgment on my fears until you have walked in my
> f*&(&g shoes STOP IT!  If you were raped and molested as a kid by both
> and female then maybe you can open your big mouth but otherwise leave me
> hell alone.  I have a right to my fears and concerns about being padded
> down.  And like I said to someone who wrote me off list I am an American
> it is against my civil liberties for them to cause me more trauma.  They
> will NOT pad me down and if I have to go to court I will.  It's my right.
> know they are doing this in the best interest of all, but what about those
> of us that have gone through such horrid trauma as a child??????  DO NOT
> answer this unless you completely understand and to completely understand
> you would have had to have gone through what I did as a kid and the last
> year of my life.  I was just expressing a fear.  I have a right to that
> fear.  NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PASS JUDGMENT ON ME!!!!!  And I really hate
> it when it is people from this list.
> Fran, ah now I feel mucho better.


Just to set matters straight, I wanted to tell you that in no way would I
ever dismiss your tactile defensiveness out of hand.  I think that even if
you did not have those atrocities committed against you, would still be
entitled to your feelings.

My comment at "full body cavity search" was only meant in jest and certainly
not to be applied in your case or anyone else who doesn't wan to be touched.

I can tell you that in the six security checks I've gone through since 9/11,
I have never been touched by a security guard.  I was asked to move body
parts (like move my arms upward) to facilitate wanding.

I hope this also makes you feel mucho better.

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