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Re: [IP] marijuna use & diabetes

Not being a doctor, I can't speak with much authority. But I would think
that marijuana would not be good for diabetes because of the dreaded
"munchies".  I remember being in college and getting tossed out of a burger
restaurant because the owner thought that I had had too much to eat.  If you
bolus correctly for what you are eating I figure it would be neutral then.

One thing it does do is act as a vasodilator when it expands the arteries
and veins.  Six months after I quit I had a heart attack.  Coincidence?


>         This might be a question for Dr. Spot. When I was at my last
> endo.appt. I read a artical (which I should have stolen, but I didn't)
> said "pot use" for diabetics is very good. Is this true? and where can I
> my  prescription for it if so?....Bill in Az....
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