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Re: [IP] working out with the pump

I also enjoy my morning workout.
I normally do either 45 minutes on the NordicTrack or go for a 3.5 mile run.
Except for the wintertime, I try to Bike Commute at least 3 times a week.

Where do you stand with your BS when you go to bed?
With the pump, you should wake up somewhere near where you went to bed.
Otherwise,you need to adjust your overnite Basals.

I was the opposite of you.
I would always wake up to a 200 or higher.
Now, I go to sleep at 100 - 120 and wake up to a 120 - 150
as long as I didn't blow it with a bad night time snack.

I find that I don't need to adjust for 30 - 40 minutes of aerobics.
Before the pump, a walk around the block would make me hypo.
For longer workouts, I set a temporary basal of 75%.

I find the problem is about 60 - 90 minutes after my workouts I go low unless I adjust or eat.
I usually just cover my breakfast with 17:1 coverage instead of my lazy nonworkout breakfast coverage of 12:1.

Your next question is about what to eat or drink during workouts.
For the shorter stuff, i do nothing special.
For all day hikes (We hike at about 2 - 3 miles/hour), I graze about 15gms CHO/hr - 1.5hr without coverage.  Usually trailmix, GORP, etc.
During meal breaks, I will take my normal coverage.
For long bike rides or all day crosscountry skiing,
I ingest about 1/3 a cliff bar or harvest bar every hour without coverage.
I make sure 1 of my water bottles has a mix called Cytomax lite.
For the bike rides, I alternate a slug of plain water with the one of the Cytomax.
For crosscountry skiing, I have half the bottle at lunch (Normal lunch coverage) and the rest during the ride home.

Play around and find out what works for you.
Good luck & your going to LOVE your pump

John & his sweaty Paradigm.

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