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Re: [IP] NO ONE is allowed to remove my pump

C Jones wrote, in part:
>>> My pump has a feature that will shut itself off if you don't intervene
to let it know that you are conscious. >>>

If it's like the pump I had for 9 years from '83-'92, you program it for a
period of time (mine was 10 hours) and if I did nothing to it, it would
alarm and shut down. It was a reminder that *all that insulin was going into
me* and I should eat accordingly.

We had a doggy then and hugsband was in a semi somewhere most of the week. I
was a new pumper and scared being alone with it. ;)  I broke Milkbones in
half and would put one under my head and purposely not touch my pump a
couple hours before going to bed. Tippy slept with me and pumpy would start
alarming. I'd say, "Listen, hear pump? Come see snack," and got the snack
from under my head. As she'd come to get it I put it back under my head and
she'd get it out. We did that for a few days and I quit. Then when it
alarmed, she'd come up nuzzling my head and awaken me. I got a snack
elsewhere, but Pavlov taught me that. LOL

I don't use/need the feature anymore. I figure if I'm unconscious, 10 hours
would be too late, and setting it to alarm sooner would be verrrrrrrry
annoying. YMMV (~_^)

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