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Re: [IP] Chang battery now!! - enough

My fact is I swim with it lots and it has been totally submerged for over an hour at a time 2x a week, and that will increase in the summer.  My sale rep is the one who said the paradigm would be better then 508 since I like to swim.  water proof/water resistant means the same to me when they say it is safe for 24 hours at 8 feet deep, I'm not sure about all you but I find it hard to get splashed with 8 feet deep water for 24 hours it just doesn't make sense!
 The papers all say water resistant - havn't seen anything say water proof.
By the way my watch also say water resistant up to 30m deep, I've swam with it for years, its even been through the wash a few time,  MIND YOU I WOULDN'T SUGGEST PUTTING YOUR PARADIGM THROUGH THE WASH!!!  IT MAY NOT SURVIVE THE SAME :-)
My proof is my personnal experience - my sales rep and pump trainer all know I swim with it and say it's fine.
Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> >Fact - my pump is water proof - and that is an amazingly useful 
> feature
> Can you give us a reference where you have seen, in writing, that 
> your pump
> is water proof and not just water tight.
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