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Re: [IP] Stay away from Mervyn's and Dayton Hudson

> On the other hand . . .
> I have worked at Target for just over 1 year and have never had a problem
> with any of the team members.   People have been curious about the pump
and I
> have explained it to them.   My supervisors have never had a problem when
> needed to step off the floor to quick a quick sugar fix.   Don't
> against a company when the fault may be in the shortsightedness of a few.
> Andy

Maybe it's an AZ thing.  I wouldn't be surprised.  This state is so messed
up in so many ways, and such a Good Ol Boy state.  But I live with it so I
can stay warm and ride motorcycles.  OK, so now I am just a passenger.  :-)
Fran in AZ
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