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Re: [IP] A1c's

>Hello RoseLea, I was told at just my last dr. appt. to strive to keep my 
>bg's between 70-90! To me this felt a little strange. My numbers have been 
>quite high lately and I was told not to treat a low bg until it got below 
>50! Does this seem right to anybody or is it just me that thinks that it 
>is to low to allow myself to drop before treating?

Personally my "goal" is 100.  Sometimes I hit it, sometimes I don't.  I 
treat at anything lower than 90.  It's just a matter of how much to 
treat.  Since I count carbs and 15 grams usually will raise me about 50 
points, I use that as a measure to get back up near my 100 "goal" when I'm 
lower than that.  Most states say that a person with diabetes shouldn't 
drive a car with a bg lower than 100, so I'm not sure where your doctor is 
coming from.   YMMV.

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