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[IP] donating body

Chris you talk about anatomical donation...have a backup plan.  While
in  Hospice I was a caregiver for a lady who had all the papers signed with
UW here in Seattle for doing that exact same thing, donating her body to the
U for the students.  When she died they refused her body.  Her family had to
come up with not only last minute plans and preps but the added expense as
well.  Be prepared.  The signed paperwork was not honored so that is no
guarantee either!
 do not make a gift to a specific institution but to the state anatomical
gifts board. if a school has enough cadavers they are sure to refuse others.
the anatomical gifts boards sees to it that all schools get cadavers. my
papers say any needed organ or organs for transplant or for teaching
physicians in the preservation and removal of organs for transplant. in lieu
of that, I gift my body to the Pennsylvania Anatomical Board. spot
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