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Re: [IP] Re: flying with pump

> In a message dated 12/22/02 8:32:45 PM, email @ redacted writes:
> << I have been wanded, but never patted down.  I don't think you need to
> worry too much about that. >>
> I've been patted down, and who cares! I'd rather they are over cautious
> the circumstances.

I know I should probably keep my mouth shut, but I CHOOSE NOT too anymore.
I have received a few private emails on this topic to the point what's the
big deal.  Well since I always say that I am not ashamed of anything.  Then
all of you who dare pass judgment on my fears until you have walked in my
f*&(&g shoes STOP IT!  If you were raped and molested as a kid by both male
and female then maybe you can open your big mouth but otherwise leave me the
hell alone.  I have a right to my fears and concerns about being padded
down.  And like I said to someone who wrote me off list I am an American and
it is against my civil liberties for them to cause me more trauma.  They
will NOT pad me down and if I have to go to court I will.  It's my right.  I
know they are doing this in the best interest of all, but what about those
of us that have gone through such horrid trauma as a child??????  DO NOT
answer this unless you completely understand and to completely understand
you would have had to have gone through what I did as a kid and the last
year of my life.  I was just expressing a fear.  I have a right to that
fear.  NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PASS JUDGMENT ON ME!!!!!  And I really hate
it when it is people from this list.

Fran, ah now I feel mucho better.
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