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Re: [IP] A1c's

>>>I was told at just my last dr. appt. to strive to keep my bg's between
70-90!  To me this felt a little strange.  My numbers have been quite high
lately and I was told not to treat a low bg until it got below 50!  >>

And this was said by a non-DMer, right? ;) Some people can pass out below
50. A low is considered to be under 60 or maybe for some even 70. Are you
trying to get pregnant? That low recommendation is usually for those wanting
to conceive.

>>Does this seem right to anybody or is it just me that thinks that it is to
low to allow myself to drop before treating?>>

If you feel uncomfortable and unsure, I wouldn't want to see you driving
that low. The point of not driving below 100 for insulin users is that you
can have an unexpected drop and be incoherent and have poor judgment. People
have been killed that way. :-(

A glucotab or two, or something similar can bring you to 100-120. Avoid
overtreating. If *normal* is 80-120 there is nothing wrong in being 100 to
drive, etc.

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