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[IP] Dialysis

The only advantage of dialyzing at night is that if you have on excess fluid, 
they are able to pull it all off without you cramping or your blood 
pressuring bottoming out because it takes it off more slowly (over an 8 hour 
period) instead of trying to pull it off in 3-5 hours.  But you have to be 
there usually from 8pm=4am and if you do that on a MWF schedule, there goes 
your Friday nights.

I am 30 and handle my dialysis pretty well.  I really try to watch my fluid 
intake so there isn't too much too pull off at one time.  I go MWF for 3 
hours each time and I feel fine when I leave.  I drive myself to and from and 
am OK to drive myself home and I usually go run the errands I need to run 
before going home, otherwise I would never get anything done.  If you sit 
down when you get home and be lazy, you will never get anything done.  It is 
much easier to just sit there and rest, but be careful about your bloodsugars 
right after treatment.  It tends to make mine crash out but this is a YMMV 


> Another hemodialysis question.  Are you extremely tired after dialysis.  My
> >doctors have been trying to tell me that dialyzing at night every night is
> >much easier on the system.  But, with the specter of peritonitis looming as
> >a potentiality, I'm not sure if even that would be worthwhile!
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