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Re: [IP] Re: Dumbest comments

I was diagnosed in the pre-home glucose machine days and once during that 
time when I was in the hospital on the night before a scheduled surgery the 
staff for a HS snack brought me a cold dry tasteless roast beef sandwich.  My 
girlfriend had brought me a wonderfully hot chile dog from the place my 
family ran.  When it was discovered that I had this, one of the nurses came 
in saying, "Well honey don't you know you can't eat that?  You have 
diabetes.)  At that I looked at her and said, "You are kidding, is that why I 
test my pee every day and I take those shots, too?"  I then mentioned that I 
was swapping two breads and two meats for two breads and two meats and I did 
not see a problem with that.

In a way, I think that I accepted this disease as a part of my life better 
than they thought I did.  I just chose for it to not dominate my life, and 
that I would have to learn to adapt and live with it.

Kinda like about three years later when I went to the pharmacy to buy one of 
those dark blue Autolets.  The ones that looked sorta like a circle with a 
platform and an arm on it that sorta looked like a spring loaded hammer 
coming down with the lancet.  He said that I shouldn't do home blood testing 
because every time I poked my finger I would introduce more contaminates to 
my system and would get an infection.  Oh give me a break!  

I feel I am the educator for all, although I am an accountant!

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