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In a message dated 12/22/02 3:41:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> > I am a new pumper - pumping since 11/02 (dx'd '92 - MDI since then).  I
> would
> > like to start working out more intensely than I have been but am 
> concerned
> > about lows.  I have always hated having to eat, then work out, then eat
> again
> > to fight off the lows.  Now that I am pumping I should be able to 
> regulate
> > better, (right!!???) but would love to hear from anyone who regularly
> works
> > out and how they handle all of the adjustments with their pump/basals
> > etc...My best time to work out is first thing in the morning - however I
> am
> > almost always 70 - 90 when I wake up - so, of course, I have to eat or
> drink
> > something pretty high in carbs before even thinking about a rigorous
> workout.
> >  I would also love to know what you eat/drink before/during/after 
> workouts
> to
I have ridden a bicycle for years, I had figured at fairly strenuous riding I 
1/2 gram carbs per minute, I  ride about 2 hours, 120X1/2 = 60 grams I will
eat 5 fig Newtons 3 in 1 hour 2 at end of ride this has worked well for me, 
would need to keep a record to see what will work, I have had diabetes 52 yrs
a pump 3 months, I do not lower my Basel just eat the Newtons, I ride early 
the morning, leaving the house 15 minutes before sunrise, for lunch the day's 
ride I take 25% less bolus, to date this works well. I have rode regularly 
for over
35 yrs, Doctor's say that is what has kept in the shape I am in.
Elzie Speir
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