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Re: [IP] NO ONE is allowed to remove my pump

> > My medic alert say type 1 diabetic and I'm going to keep it that way now
> > I'm pumping, I really don't care if they take my pump off or not as they
> > should test and treat my diabetes right away, in that case I should
> > quick, if my pump is disconnected then I'll hook back up if its on good,
> > would worry if they took it off and misplaced it, would they be
> You would think that they would be responsible, but we know how people
> responsibility nowadays.

[  NOte:  to the person who just joined who was in med school and most
likely is a doctor now, please DO NOT take this personally for if you knew
what I had been through you may better understand my RAGE ]  Espeically
Doctors!!!!  and Nurses!!!!  and Hospitals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh, now I feel a bit better.

> I don't know what would happen in Canada, but in
> the US there are "good Samaritan" laws that might protect the miscreants
> their stupidity.

Ya, and what I am finding out is that doctors can literally get away with
MURDER while other bafoons can sue for being irresponsible idiots and
dropping coffee on their laps and / or choosing to smoke.  ARG!

Fran, who had better go breath before I lose it again.  :-)
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