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Re: [IP] Re: flying with pump

> > > I travel most every week and have been searched many times.
> Do you get padded down?  I am really afraid of that for personal reasons
> which I am sure you all can figure out.  I don't do well with people
> touching my body ...

Actually, there is no touching going on.  They have you empty your pockets
and then run a metal detector over your body.  If your leg is setting it off
then you can just explain about the orthotics and they will be fine.

I found I was setting off the metal detector because my shoes had metal
shanks in them.  When it beeped, I'd holler,  "O.K. full body cavity
search!" The security people would just sigh and start wanding me.

Personally, I think too much is made of this security stuff.  They are
looking for a bomb to explode in an airplane, or finger nail clippers that
could be used to give people really short manicures.  Then are all pretty
aware of diabetics and what they need to have with them.

Have a good trip!

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