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Re: [IP] regarding dialysis and diversity

> you wanna know what i wonder...how is it that someone like gina is on
> dialysis after only 18 yrs of being a type 1, but then i hear of hundreds
> hundreds of veterans and others whove had diabetes for over 30 yrs with
> control for most of it, and some of them dont even have background
> retinopathy...how do we account for that differential??  is it genetics?
> gina predisposed to having faultier kidneys than those others or the rest
> us??
>               can someone explain?   bas..

My own explanation is just pure dumb luck!  I'm at around my 30 year mark.
Officially diagnosed as an "uncontrolled diabetic."  It wasn't until this
year that my body decided to fall  apart.  Well, not actually.  My heart
problems started in 1990.  But it seems like this year I've been on the down
side of a roller coaster ride.

No regrets.  I'm glad I had the party time that I did and I am working with
all my specialists to try to get me back on the party track again.

My explanation is just pure dumb luck!

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