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Re: [IP] NO ONE is allowed to remove my pump

>Frankly, if I am unconscious (and was once) I figure the odds are it will 
>be because I am low. Therefore if would be best if they did remove the 
>pump, because as the inuslin disapates, I figure I will recover and be 
>able to tell them what's going on. If they leave the pump on, I will only 
>get worse. Think about it.

Well, let's see, at my age I could be unconscious due to heart attack, 
stroke or even a car accident.  I don't think I'd want MY pump removed at 
those times.  Being low would not be the only reason for loss of 
consciousness.  And, if you are low, your basal shouldn't make you go lower 
and they would do a bg test and start pumping you full of glucose in IV 
anyhow.  I lost consciousness once when low in a hospital (before pumping) 
and they ran so much glucose in that I ended up with a bg of 600 
afterwards.  And, that was with a long-acting insulin still in my 
system.  I vote to please leave my pump alone.

who's thought about it.
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