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[IP] I would also love to know what you eat/drink before/during/after workouts

     I have been a Type I for almost 30 years and a pumper for 4, and run
marathons and triathlons.   I usually eat a GU (25g of carbos) every three
miles I run, and also carry some 50% Gatorade to sip on also.  Between the GU
and the Gatorade I can usually keep my sugars pretty constant around 150
during long events.  With exercise you will find that everything works faster
and you can crash before you realize it if you let it get much lower than 110,
at least for me.  On long runs of over 1 hour, I also set my temporary basal
rate to 1/3 of the usual amount.
     Some diabetic runners I know will turn their pump completely off before a
marathon, and then wonder why their sugars went through the roof afterwards.
You can't cut the insulin supply totally off, because when your body senses no
useable carbohydrates (as with no insulin) it produces its own through
adrenalin and other hormones.
Through lots of trial and error, I have learned that I need about 8 grams of
carobs per mile (unless the course is unusually hilly).  Initially you will
have to do a lot of record keeping to determine what's best for you.
     John Walsh's book on Pumping Insulin is an excellent reference for
diabetic athletes.
Good luck,
Roger Wendell
Team Diabetes
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