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Re: [IP] Change battery now!! - enough!

>>Just out of curiosity ,why does it seem that most of the negative remarks
>>seem to be against Minimed?
>Could it just be that there are more Minimed pumps in use so we hear about
>more mishaps with them?

Yes...actually, I raised this some time ago when a similar remark had been
made.  As a percentage, Minimed sells a _significantly_ higher amount of
pumps than any other company. So, of course, you will hear of more problems.
I've also noticed that when a person complains on IP about Minimed pumps,
there are numerous responses from owners of other brands who chime in to
point out that they have never had the problem.  Of course, this just makes
it seem as though Minimed has a higher degree of problems.

I went to the MAUDE site and did a comparison of Animas to Minimed.  As it
turns out, Animas had MORE complaints registered than Minimed against the
pump.  Minimed, in total, had more complaints...but a vary majority of those
were against the QUICKSET not against the pump itself.  My un-scientific
conclusion?  There are NOT more problems with the Minimed/Paradigm pump than
other companies...just more complaining against it here on this list.  :-)

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