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[IP] TEAM Diabetes - Disney Marathon

Just wanted to share -  I am running (run/walk actually!) the Disney Marathon 
on January 12th for TEAM D...  I raised $4300 for the ADA to be able to do 
this.  This is my first marathon, so there has been a huge learning curve, 
but TEAM D has been a wonderful venue for all of my learning and training.  
They have provided so much support and energy.  I would suggest going this 
route (no pun intended) for anyone who is at all interested in helping out 
the ADA - and all diabetics and their families, getting in shape, and 
challenging themselves to something new!  I started this because I wanted a 
way to get in shape, but I needed some accountability...  I got it!  I don't 
have a time goal - I just want to finish the run and have a blast doing it!

I am not diabetic, but my 11 year old daughter is (since age of 3)... and has 
been on a pump for 1 1/2 years now.  

Thanks for letting me share!

Rhonda - Colorado
mom to Kirsten
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