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Re: [IP] regarding dialysis and diversity

At 03:34 PM 12/22/02, you wrote:
> > you wanna know what i wonder...how is it that someone like gina is on
> > dialysis after only 18 yrs of being a type 1, but then i hear of hundreds
> > hundreds of veterans and others whove had diabetes for over 30 yrs with
> > control for most of it, and some of them dont even have background
> > retinopathy...how do we account for that differential??  is it genetics?
> > gina predisposed to having faultier kidneys than those others or the rest
> > us??
> >
> >               can someone explain?   bas..

I also believe that genetics has a lot to do with it.  Like Jan Hughey, I 
lived through many years of non-MDI (although I mostly was on 2 shots each 
day).  We also had no meters or A1cs and never really had much idea on how 
well we were doing except for that visit to the doctor (not even an endo) 
every 3 months for a blood test 2 hours after breakfast.  I breezed through 
a pregnancy in 1978 and delivered a healthy baby girl with no 
problems.  The only complications I currently have had after nearly 40 
years of diabetes is "rotator cuff syndrome" which they wouldn't call 
frozen shoulders since it wasn't bad enough.  Now, I'm not bragging here, 
I'm just making a point that genetics must have a lot to do with it.  I 
agree with others who have said that some people work and try so hard to 
"do it right" and then end up with complications while others seem not to 
give it much mind and are fairly complication free.  Btw, my family story 
says that I have an ancestor who lived to be 112.  This story has been 
passed around all the generations for years.  So, perhaps I've just been 
lucky enough to inherit a few of his genes.

*shrugging shoulders*
dxd 1963
pumping 2000
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