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Re: [IP] Medical ID

Not too long ago, thee was messages about what to put on medical id's. I
planning on geting nother one, and was just curious as what to put on it.
one I'm considering is a necklace, and on the front your name is engraved.
Then the back has all the information. I thought something like diabetic,
insulin pump user, and maybe something to the effect of do not remove unless
directed by physican??? I'm not sure how many lines or letters they can do.
Any input will be greatly appreciated. My current one only has diabetic on

I have a oppinion here, weather or not any one listens is up to them ;). Any
way.......with medic alert bracelets etc.  they are ment to help you when
you can not help yourself........so I feel the less the better..........
paramedics are mostly going to know what to do, its the average Jo who need
to be told what to do. I think just having Diabetic and call 911 or
ambulance on it should be sufficient to save your life, maybe  add give
sugar(i dunno), if the pump gets dissconnected for a few hrs or what ever,
so what? Your b/s would possibly elevate, if you are in reaction, then that
is good. If its a accident, you should be registered with medic alert as
well, and they should have the pump info there. Any way, thats my oppinion.
Good luck on your choice.
Tami in Tucson
pumping since Nov 1/02
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