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Re: [IP] Re: flying with pump

> My wife has had some similar surgery some 30 years ago and has yet to set
> the metal detector in an airport. I assume the metals they use today are
> different. If so, and you do set it off one solution I've heard is to
> an x-ray of the area with the rod and screws.

I was told that this doesn't matter because it could be anyone's leg.  Also
I find that interesting that your wife doesn't set off the airport security.
I am almost certain I will because of the experience I had at the
"something" dam in Page AZ.  We were actually just running in there to use
the bathroom, well it was not as easy as we thought.  I was going off like
it was my battery dead and the end of the world all at the same time.  :-)
They were very nice about it and it was more obvious at that point because I
was still using my walker.  They did know what the pump was, so that was
cool.  I think the metal is Titanium in my leg.  So I don't know if that is
the difference.  I just can't imagine the security at a dam is more
sensitive than at the airport ... well then again.  <sigh>

> I travel most every week and have been searched many times.

Do you get padded down?  I am really afraid of that for personal reasons
which I am sure you all can figure out.  I don't do well with people
touching my body ...

> Hope this belays some of your fears.

Yes, some.  I will just have to try it and get it over with.  I appreciate
your input.

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