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Re: [IP] regarding dialysis and diversity

I don't know if I can explain this, but I do believe it is genetics.  When I
was in WA I was going to this support group.  There was this gal in the
group, same age as me, same year of diagnosis, was very very good about
taking care of herself.  Then there was me.  Parting, smoking, eating
whatever I wanted, not giving a damn about my diabetes.  We were both in our
early 20's.  Anyway, she took "perfect" care of herself and I did just the
opposite.  She already had every complication know to diabetes and to be
honest with you I doubt if she is still with us.  Then there is me.  I have
a few complications but my kidney's are in pretty good shape.  I just really
believe it's genetics and that's all their is too it.  Oh and another
example.  A dear friend of mine died three years ago due to a massive heart
attack.  For the last 30 years prior to his death he took such great care of
himself.  Did step aerobics every day, hiked, etc..  Made sure he was not
over weight and ate very low cholesterol foods.  By this time he had lost
two brothers and a sister to heart attacks because it "ran" in the family.
And then there is me, diabetic, smoking, yadda yadda.  And I am still here.
I just hear so many stories like this and it just has to be genetics.  Which
actually scares the crap out of me cause my dad has had nothing but heart
problems so I know that is probably going to happen to me.  I tend to follow
his side of the family, but I started the diabetes in our family.  Who knows
but now and for a long time I have been taking much better care of myself.
And no comments from my peanut gallery of friends about my little jaunt down
the freeway.  :-)


> you wanna know what i wonder...how is it that someone like gina is on
> dialysis after only 18 yrs of being a type 1, but then i hear of hundreds
> hundreds of veterans and others whove had diabetes for over 30 yrs with
> control for most of it, and some of them dont even have background
> retinopathy...how do we account for that differential??  is it genetics?
> gina predisposed to having faultier kidneys than those others or the rest
> us??
>               can someone explain?   bas..
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