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Re: [IP] Medical ID

> Not too long ago, thee was messages about what to put on medical id's. I
> planning on geting nother one, and was just curious as what to put on it.
> one I'm considering is a necklace, and on the front your name is engraved.
> Then the back has all the information. I thought something like diabetic,
> insulin pump user, and maybe something to the effect of do not remove
> directed by physican??? I'm not sure how many lines or letters they can
> Any input will be greatly appreciated. My current one only has diabetic on

It depends on where you purchase it.  I just bought a new one from Medic
Alert Foundation.  Mine says "CALL IMMEDIATELY".  LOL  I gave up trying to
figure out what to put and considering I am on several different meds,
allergies, diagnoses.  I figured I may as well go for the gusto.  And to be
honest with you, after my last hospital experience I would rather they call
immediately if I was unconscious because that means they would need to call
Steve too and I have a power of attorney stating that he is the only one
that can do anything to me as far as my diabetes goes.  I am too afraid
those doctors will kill me otherwise.  The power of attorney also stipulates
that NO ONE is allowed to remove my pump.  We have a copy of this letter in
my emergency kit for Steve in case something like that ever happens.

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