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[IP] Dialysis

I lost my kidney's in December of 1996 and in turn under went dialysis for 18
months until I tried peritoneal dialysis for about 6 months. I did have to
keep a very clean environment but certainly not sterile. I was able to do many
things on the peritoneal that I couldn't with the three days a week treatment.
Yes I did have more energy as I was able to do some roofing and caring for my
Mothers lake house at the time. I did suffer from a case of peritonitis but it
was due to complications from the tubing becoming detached inside my belly and
not emptying all of the fluid. Also if you suffer from constipation you are
not a good candidate for peritoneal dialysis. And by the way I did not use any
deadener while on Dialysis as my Doctor and his colleague told me that it
would make my AV fistula not last half as long as it should, however this may
be a YMMV thing as well. If anybody has any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Stephen Howell dxd 2/70 Animas R 1000 9/02
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