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[IP] Dialysis

always be the case.  And, I just don't see how I am going to attract someone
with a damn rubber tube hanging out of my stomach!  I asked my doctor's
intern (a sweet young thing of about 23) if she would date someone with a
tube hanging out of his stomach.  She paused.  Maybe she was worried I would
asked her out. And then said it would depend on a lot of other qualities.
Yeah, right!

Another hemodialysis question.  Are you extremely tired after dialysis.  My
doctors have been trying to tell me that delaying at night every night is
much easier on the system.  But, with the specter of peritonitis looming as
a potentiality, I'm not sure if even that would be worthwhile!


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No, its tough to think of being appealing with a peritoneal catheter hanging
out of your abdomen, but I know a young woman who got married under these
circumstances, she made a gauze pouch and coiled the catheter up in it so it
was generally out of sight. PD is more  physiological than hemo which is
rough on your body. I'm sure you could have one area in your hovel that you
could keep clean enough to use for PD. spot
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