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Re: [IP] Dialysis

At 03:38 AM 12/22/02, Fran wrote:
>If you don't mind my asking, how old are you?  I truly believe you can find
>someone of value that doesn't give a rats ass that you have a tube hanging
>out of you.  I thought I would never ever find anyone with all my baggage
>and years of diabetes along with some complications.  Well I did, and he is
>awesome and my best friend.  That ol adage if ya stop looking someone will
>come along.  I use to give the birdy when people told me that, but that's
>exactly how it happened.  I had decided to just be alone and be happy.  I
>bought a condo that I loved.  It was mine.  Had my two cats and life was
>grand.  Six months later Steve and I met.  The rest is history.

Same for me.  When I gave up on finding someone, I met my wonderful hubby 
(a real Saint, our friends say... <he he>).  In fact, when we met I almost 
shut him down but decided after saying a number of "no's" (no, I'm not 
interested in conversation; no, I don't want a beer... etc.), he was very 
persistent, I finally said "yes" and the rest is history for us too.

>I really believe in my heart that there are people out there who could 
>care less about what you look like and
>love you for who you are inside.  It isn't easy but I believe it does happen.

I agree 100%.

>  I know if I end up with a tube hanging out my belly we will make the 
> best of that too.

I know this also.  No matter what, Coney will stand by me 100% and hold my 
hand when I need it holding, and comfort me when I need comforting.  And, I 
will do the same for him.  None of us knows really what the future holds, 
and either one of us could end up with a life-altering illness.

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