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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #864

At 03:38 AM 12/22/02, you wrote:
>i am not sure if anyone else has this problem so i thought i would ask.
>When everyone changes out there site, does their sugars go up and then com
>down after a couple of hours and then the site works great?  For some reason
>everytime i change my site this happens.  When i put the new site in i leave
>the old site in for about 5-6 hours till i know the other site is working.
>today my sugar was 6.6 when i changed my site.  i thought i would try a leg
>site.  that was about 4:00pm.  it is now 7:40 and my sugar is at 17.8 .. but
>in another hour or so it will come down to normal.. does this happen to
>anyone else or just me.. and is there any way i can stop this froom

Tina, are you bolusing .5 - 1.0 unit to fill the new cannula when you 
change out?  When I used the sils I would bolus a full unit after I removed 
the needle.   This helped.  YMMV.

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