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[IP] Site changes

Regarding site changes, I usually tell myself I need to change my site on a
certain day and that usually seems to work for me. My sugars usually tend to
go up on that day by a little bit or I find that my site tends to become
bothersome: the tape itches or I see the site turning a little red through the
little silhouette "window" spot. I try to anticipate a busier day by just
setting out the packages of infusion set/reservoir/IV prep wipes to remind
myself to "do it" so I don't get caught short.

Regarding exercise, I have found my insulin usage has decreased when I
exercise and has increased with the onset of Thanksgiving and Christmas. How
much do you have to walk to burn off a "whatever looks good for a moment?"
Even that thought hasn't stopped me lately-perhaps writing this thought will
help me rethink that cookie! Sharon B.
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