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[IP] Re:Change battery now!!

Of course you're right; if you have a backup pump
you can use it to store your basals.

Regardless of your backup strategy (backup-pump,
log-book, dr's office, etc.) it makes sense to
have your *latest* basal settings somewhere that
you can get to them, in case you experience the
"joys" of a pump failure.


>I sure don't know about a "zero" chance.  However,
both batteries can be
>removed from the H-tron pump for an indefinate period
of time, and the pump
>stores the basal rates.  With the H-tron 2 pump
system, you remove the
>batteries from the pump number 1 when you are using
the second pump, as it
>has an internal clock that keeps track of how many
days the pump has been
>used and thus when it is due for a technical
inspection.  These days are
>counted up when the batteries are in place.  It
always surprises me to pick
>up one of Claire's pumps that hasn't been used for
four months and to find
>the basals are in there--I just have to check to see
if I have tweaked any
>around a bit in the meantime.  You do have to reset
the time, however.
>Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

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