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Re: [IP] Dialysis

At 09:55 PM 12/21/02, you wrote:
>I am saving your e-mail and will do some research on this peritoneal thing.
>I do know if almost sterile conditions are required this knocks me out of
>the running!  I don't have dust bunnies. I have dust buffalo!!!
>This is going to sound very vain.  And if it is, so be it.  But, in another
>message, I said I live alone with two dogs.  I am hoping that this won't
>always be the case.  And, I just don't see how I am going to attract someone
>with a damn rubber tube hanging out of my stomach!  I asked my doctor's
>intern (a sweet young thing of about 23) if she would date someone with a
>tube hanging out of his stomach.  She paused.  Maybe she was worried I would
>ask her out. And then said it would depend on a lot of other qualities.
>Yeah, right!
>Another hemodialysis question.  Are you extremely tired after dialysis.  My
>doctors have been trying to tell me that dialyzing at night every night is
>much easier on the system.  But, with the specter of peritonitis looming as
>a potentiality, I'm not sure if even that would be worthwhile!

Chris, I did peritoneal dialysis for about a total of 2 1/2 years before I 
got a transplant that worked (I'm on my second trans[lant now, 5 years 
ago).  I just cleaned up my bedroom real good, and kept the cats and dogs 
out of it.  I wasn't concerned about attracting anyone at the time, but was 
more concerned about surviving.  Had peritonitis once, and all the gave me 
was a bunch of antibiotics..cleared right up.

Type 1 46 years
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