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Re: [IP] changing sites

i do leave the old site in.  i leave it in for about 5-6 hours after i have
inserted the the new site in.  i take hte old site out when i know for sure
the site is working

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> Tina,
>   Another thing to think about is how recent was your last bolus on the
> site?  Do you take the old site out right away or do you leave it in?  We
> leave in the old site for a few hours (sometimes a whole day because we
> foget...OOPSS!!!) because this allows any 'pooled' insulin at the old site
> be absorbed before pulling out the canula.  If you pull it out riight away
> you may notice some clear fluid coming out the hole in your skin.  This
> be insulin that was left over there and you are losing that.  Try leaving
> old site in for a few hours after changing.  See if that doesn't help with
> that spike!
> Good luck!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua who just turned 11 and celebrated 3 years of pumping this
> week.....NEVER looking back!!!!!
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