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Re: [IP] working out with the pump


I just started going to a health club to do cardiovascular and weigh 
training.  I was told to decrease my basal rate to half starting at the 
beginning of the workout and ending approximately an hour after the workout.  
Before this I was to take approximately 15 gr. of carbohydrate.  Like you, it 
did not make sense as to why I would need the extra carbs until my CDE 
reminded me of the release of glucose from the liver that naturally occurs 
when blood sugar goes down.

In order to attempt to prevent the lows, the only modification I have made in 
those instructions is that I drop the basal to 1/4 th the normal rate and run 
this temporary rate for 90 minutes.  Of course, this is individualized for 
me.  In time, you will find what works best for you.

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