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Re: [IP] Dialysis

> I did it for 6 weeks and was in and out of the ER 3x in 1 week due to
> throwing up and dehydration.  As soon as they removed the catheter I was
> fine.  It wasn't peritonitis, but some other sort of bacteria, not sure
how I
> got the infection.  It is a very sterile procedure, lots of hand washing
> wiping down things that are used in the procedure.
> I personally like hemo better because you put your care in the hands of
> others and just sit back and let them worry about it for however many
> you are there.  And if I want to go away for the weekend, you just pack up
> and go and don't have to worry about taking enough supplies and lugging
> around.
> Gina
> 3 years hemo
> 18 years T1

Ah, another keeper! And more ammunition for what was intuitively my first
choice anyway!

Thanks Gina!

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