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Re: [IP] Dialysis

> If you don't mind my asking, how old are you?  I truly believe you can
> someone of value that doesn't give a rats ass that you have a tube hanging
> out of you.  I thought I would never ever find anyone with all my baggage
> and years of diabetes along with some complications.

Hi Fran!

I'm 53 which makes me slightly older than dirt.  My baggage includes,
clogged by-pass arteries, an artificial heart valve, kidney failure, gout,
stage II cataracts,  multiple surgeries for boils that abcessed, chronic
gout, neuropathy and approximately 24 medications to handle them all!

I figure  that I have enough going against me to have a tube hanging out of
me on top of all the other stuff.

I know love can happen.  Heck, I even buy lottery tickets.  So far, I
haven't been lucky in either case.  I just don't see adding one more

Besides, if I eventually go onto hemodialysis, maybe I'll meet somebody
there.  Better than peritoneal dialysis at home, alone.

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