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Re: [IP] Re: flying with pump

I don't think you have that much to worry about, Fran.  The last time I 
flew I had to get wanded because of the extra batteries I had packed in my 
carry-on luggage.  They did a thorough search and wanding.  My left knee 
kept setting off the wand.  As I have no screws or rods in my leg I don't 
know why that happened. At any rate, they let me through with lots of 
reservoirs and infusion sets in my carry-on luggage, and multiple syringes, 
fingernail clipper, and Swiss army knife in my purse. A woman did ask me 
what the pump was but when I told her she waved me on with no questions 
asked.  This was at SFO.


At 04:07 PM 12/21/02 -0700, you wrote:
 >> I have had the direct opposite at many airports.....The metal detector is
 >> set off by my Paradigm but the wand does not detect it. This has caused me
 >> many a search post-the metal detector walk-thru.
 >I just don't want to hear this.  <sigh>  My biggest fear of flying is the
 >security gate.  I know I will set every piece of equipment off because of
 >the rod and screws in my left leg.  Then they'll do a search and I'll have
 >to explain my extra supplies, which I refuse to travel without and WILL NOT
 >check them through.  Now that I can fly I should just do it to see what
 >happens.  I am so afraid I will lose it having to be searched and padded
 >down each damn time because of my leg.  Maybe I should have the rod and
 >screws taken out, but after 15 plus surgeries this past year I really don't
 >want another any time soon.
 >Fran, just venting and afraid to go through security
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