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[IP] Dialysis

At first you are really not given a choice between hemo or peritoneal 
dialysis.  Only because they cannot determine when you will have to start on 

In order to do peritoneal, you have to have a tenkhoff catheter surgically 
implanted in your stomach and it has to heal at least a month before it can 
be used.  It can be used sooner, but they usually don't like to use it before 
it has had time to heal.  And there is a lot of training that goes along with 

I did it for 6 weeks and was in and out of the ER 3x in 1 week due to 
throwing up and dehydration.  As soon as they removed the catheter I was 
fine.  It wasn't peritonitis, but some other sort of bacteria, not sure how I 
got the infection.  It is a very sterile procedure, lots of hand washing and 
wiping down things that are used in the procedure.

I personally like hemo better because you put your care in the hands of 
others and just sit back and let them worry about it for however many hours 
you are there.  And if I want to go away for the weekend, you just pack up 
and go and don't have to worry about taking enough supplies and lugging them 

3 years hemo
18 years T1
> Both she and my cardiologist want me to do peritoneal dialysis instead of
> hemodialysis
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