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Re: [IP] changing sites


  Another thing to think about is how recent was your last bolus on the old 
site?  Do you take the old site out right away or do you leave it in?  We 
leave in the old site for a few hours (sometimes a whole day because we 
foget...OOPSS!!!) because this allows any 'pooled' insulin at the old site to 
be absorbed before pulling out the canula.  If you pull it out riight away 
you may notice some clear fluid coming out the hole in your skin.  This could 
be insulin that was left over there and you are losing that.  Try leaving you 
old site in for a few hours after changing.  See if that doesn't help with 
that spike!

Good luck!

mom to Joshua who just turned 11 and celebrated 3 years of pumping this 
week.....NEVER looking back!!!!!
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