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Re: [IP] Change battery now!! - enough!

Okayyyyy Fran!!
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Sent: Saturday, December 21, 2002 9:43 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Change battery now!! - enough!

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> > I agree with Summer.  I think she reacted to the battery issue because
> > finger has been pointed to Paradigm a lot lately. Mentioning something
> about
> > "the truth hurts sometimes "was diss'in (as you say?) I think.
> >
> > I also agree that it is a better idea(this is my opinion)that the
> > or facts about  pumps would be more helpful if it came from the USERS of
> the
> > pumps.
> I have tried to keep my mouth shut but I just can't anymore.  I really DO
> NOT believe anyone on this list would lie.  What would they gain unless
> are a rep for a pump company which if that is true the Admin team would
> nailed their a** to the wall.
> I know if I were to share any experiences, whether mine or someone else's
> would be the truth as myself or the other person experienced it.  I think
> others are doing the same thing.
> I will never understand why we us pumpers get so pissed off at each other
> and get on our high horses over our pumps.  Just be glad you're pumping
> you like your pump.  It's just a piece of equipment, what's the big deal?!
> Hence why I get on my high horse that since we are the ones that wear the
> pump we should choose, not or flipping insurance company and / or doctor.
> And from my own experiences I have seen the MM and D rep in my state get
> rather nasty about selling their pump and only theirs.  I DO NOT LIKE that
> at all!  And I must say my A rep who happens to wear a pump too has been
> absolutely wonderful and HONEST!  Now that's just here in AZ, could be a
> hell of a lot different some where else.
> Fran
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