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Re: [IP] Change battery now!! - enough!

When I said the truth hurts, it wasn't meant as "diss'n' as Summer put it.
Emotions tend to cloud better judgement on occasion and stepping back to look
at a situation from a factual basis instead of an emotional view tends to yield
results that are often not pleasant.

To not have someone comment on a pump related topic or even a pump itself 
because they aren't a direct, first hand user is tained with elitism.
Others who do thoughtful research and keep an open eye to the facts are not
uniformed and not unqualified to comment.   If this were so, many of your
doctors would not be qualified to prescribe the pumps we all depend upon.
Heck, lots of stuff Michael (our spirtual guru around here) has offered for
our reading, I imagine he hasn't had hands on experience with.

There are positive and negative qualities inherint in all pumps currently on
the market.   There should be no restriction on others sharing their
experiences, research, rumors, and parables, even if it isn't 100% flattering.
To limit access to this information is to deny those wanting to know ALL the
available information is putting those people at a disadvantage.

Ok, I'm shoving my soapbox under the bed and going to watch TV now.

--- Pat Bannon <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I agree with Summer.  I think she reacted to the battery issue because the
> finger has been pointed to Paradigm a lot lately. Mentioning something about
> "the truth hurts sometimes "was diss'in (as you say?) I think.
> I also agree that it is a better idea(this is my opinion)that the problems
> or facts about  pumps would be more helpful if it came from the USERS of the
> pumps.

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