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Re: [IP] Change battery now!! - enough!

> I agree with Summer.  I think she reacted to the battery issue because the
> finger has been pointed to Paradigm a lot lately. Mentioning something
> "the truth hurts sometimes "was diss'in (as you say?) I think.
> I also agree that it is a better idea(this is my opinion)that the problems
> or facts about  pumps would be more helpful if it came from the USERS of
> pumps.

I have tried to keep my mouth shut but I just can't anymore.  I really DO
NOT believe anyone on this list would lie.  What would they gain unless they
are a rep for a pump company which if that is true the Admin team would have
nailed their a** to the wall.

I know if I were to share any experiences, whether mine or someone else's it
would be the truth as myself or the other person experienced it.  I think
others are doing the same thing.

I will never understand why we us pumpers get so pissed off at each other
and get on our high horses over our pumps.  Just be glad you're pumping and
you like your pump.  It's just a piece of equipment, what's the big deal?!
Hence why I get on my high horse that since we are the ones that wear the
pump we should choose, not or flipping insurance company and / or doctor.

And from my own experiences I have seen the MM and D rep in my state get
rather nasty about selling their pump and only theirs.  I DO NOT LIKE that
at all!  And I must say my A rep who happens to wear a pump too has been
absolutely wonderful and HONEST!  Now that's just here in AZ, could be a
hell of a lot different some where else.

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