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Re: [IP] Dialysis

> I am saving your e-mail and will do some research on this peritoneal
> I do know if almost sterile conditions are required this knocks me out of
> the running!  I don't have dust bunnies. I have dust buffalo!!!

 I sort of know the feeling.  Not relating to Dialysis but all my other
medical problems on top of diabetes.
> This is going to sound very vain.

I don't think you are being vain.

> And if it is, so be it.  But, in another
> message, I said I live alone with two dogs.  I am hoping that this won't
> always be the case.  And, I just don't see how I am going to attract
> with a damn rubber tube hanging out of my stomach!  I asked my doctor's
> intern (a sweet young thing of about 23) if she would date someone with a
> tube hanging out of his stomach.  She paused.  Maybe she was worried I
> aske her out. And then said it would depend on a lot of other qualities.
> Yeah, right!

If you don't mind my asking, how old are you?  I truly believe you can find
someone of value that doesn't give a rats ass that you have a tube hanging
out of you.  I thought I would never ever find anyone with all my baggage
and years of diabetes along with some complications.  Well I did, and he is
awesome and my best friend.  That ol adage if ya stop looking someone will
come along.  I use to give the birdy when people told me that, but that's
exactly how it happened.  I had decided to just be alone and be happy.  I
bought a condo that I loved.  It was mine.  Had my two cats and life was
grand.  Six months later Steve and I met.  The rest is history.  I had to
sell the condo since it was built for one and too small for two humans and
four cats plus we moved from WA to AZ.  I really believe in my heart that
there are people out there who could care less about what you look like and
love you for who you are inside.  It isn't easy but I believe it does
happen.  I was 35 when I met my soul mate.  I truly had given up.  But now
at 42 I still am with my soul mate and we know we will be together forever.
He took care of me over the last year when most partners probably would have
bailed.  I was bed ridden for over a year and in / out of the hospital too
many times.  He stood by me and took great care of me.  After my last skin
graft surgery one is suppose to stay in the hospital for 10 days.  I went
home that night cause the doctor and I both knew I would get better care at
home, and I did.  He never gave up on me when I had.  And now I have a body
that is one big ass scar from all the donor sites to burn sites, plus two
big ass holes in my leg, but he still loves me and is with me and I know if
I end up with a tube hanging out my belly we will make the best of that too.
OK, I'll shuddup.  And get of my soap box.  I guess I just wanted to give
you some hope.

I hope this helps some,
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